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Our Mission


OMG is a full service marketing and activation agency. As we say "Marketing your business, Is our business!" OMG specializes in a variety of marketing and brand building solutions as well as logistics to provide the most for your company and brand.

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Mobile Marketing Displays, Promotions, Special Events
Our state of the art marketing assets and capabilities combined with our transport services offer the most efficient and affordable solutions to transportation and event marketing solutions.
Business to Business Marketing 
Traveling Business to Business marketing campaigns to build your consumers interest. OMG has the assets to execute your needs as effective and efficient as possible.

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Our team


Adam fitza

Logistics and Marketing Specialist

From an early age, Fitza has had a true passion for Motorsports. Since birth, Adam has been around automotive mechanics. He spent countless hours with his father who owns a mechanic shop. Originally starting his career at the age of 11 racing motocross. Swiftly moving up the ranks in the amateur circuit, and pushing to became faster, Adam was the victim of some setbacks and injuries.

This led to a more conservative approach to motorsports in 2005 where he began to get his feet wet into 4 wheel sports. Growing up in Colorado, he began to build and prep rock crawlers and attended events in one of the meccas of 4×4, Moab, Utah. After years of jeeps and rock crawlers, Fitza found a need for speed. Two years later, he moved from Colorado to Southern California to chase his dreams of off-road desert racing.

Originally starting his desert career in 2008, sweeping floors was part of the norm before getting the chance to work on cars himself. In 2010, Adam began prepping race cars along with co-driving in the vehicles he prepped. 2013 Adam began backup driver and in 2014 his short course debut in Glen Helen, CA with a win in the buggy class. Come 2015 and Adam meets team owner / driver Andre Laurin of OTSFF Sports Marketing Group.

Seeing the avenues to all brand marketing, Adam followed the footsteps of marketing and activation and OMG was born.

With much success in the previous years, Fitza has his sights set on more successful years as a team.


andre laurin

Logistics, Distribution and Marketing Specialist

Andre Laurin first started racing aggressively in 1991, and quickly made a name for himself. From Off-Shore boats, snow mobiles, motor bikes, auto racing and everything in between, he didn’t lose any momentum as he moved up the ladder.

As he gained winning experience in racing, he put that knowledge to work as he created professional championship winning sports teams which resulted in the expansion of OTSFF Sports Marketing Group. Laurin focused on running and growing his race teams in Snow-Cross, Snow-Bike, Motocross, Super bike, Off-Shore Boat, NASCAR and more!

In 2015, Andre Laurin attended the BAJA 1000 and decided that off-road racing was going to be his next venture. Starting this venture, his first race was the 2015 Best in the Desert Bluewater Desert Challenge in early December. In a purpose built Class 8 truck which he was awarded 2nd Place.

Just one year following Andre Laurin’s off-road racing debut, the creation of the current spec trophy truck was born.

The 2018 Best in the Desert Season would be the OTSFF debut year in the spec trophy truck class. Fielding the OTSFF Spec Trophy Truck was driver Andre Laurin, the team impressed by overcoming several setbacks the first year with this brand new truck.

The following year, Andre again competed in the BITD series. Leaving nothing on the line, Andre brought the OTSFF Spec Trophy Truck to podium every single race of the season! Further Bolstering OTSFF Sports Marketing Group, Laurin had brought the team a 4th place in the championship points in arguably the most competitive class in the BITD circuit.

With multiple podium trophies on the mantle in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada shop, Laurin is focused on taking his team to the next level. With a full-time stable of cars, trucks and power sports along with talented athletes and drivers in equipment prepared by a professional crew, he is likely to continue to grow the legacy of the team.

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